Sunnyside Home Sells for Nearly $100k OVER List Price

In April, a house I listed in the Sunnyside neighborhood closed for $85,000 over asking price! I've been involved with some pretty crazy bidding wars in my time, but nothing has ever approached this. I can say with certainty this was not blind luck and had everything to do with how we prepared the house for market, our marketing, and overall strategy with getting the home sold.


Since this doesn't happen often, I thought I would share the story of the sale of this beautiful home at 2626 W 42nd Ave.


I was contacted by the owners, Claire and Gene almost three years ago and have been meeting with them every few months to discuss selling their home. They are the nicest people you will ever meet and it was obvious from the minute I stepped into their home how special the home was to them. They've been in their home since 1990, and they wanted the right family to buy and love it. 


With Gene's upcoming retirement, they decided that 2018 was the year to list and that based on the market research we had done, the end of March would be the perfect time to list the home. Timing the market is more important than ever and it proved true when we hit the market. But before we get into that, let's look at the prep work.



In early March, I had my fabulous stager, Annette Knutson with Showtime Staging meet with Gene and Claire. She gave them a lot of homework and while I knew it was overwhelming, they never complained and did everything that was asked of them (who doesn't love moving around all their furniture?). This included moving 75% of their furniture out, painting the entire up stairs and rearranging most of the house. These efforts alone were the leading factor in an additional 30-40K in purchase price.


After Annette came back to do a final staging, I had my photographer, Zac Cornwell, come in and his pictures for the home could go in a magazine. I followed that up with our talented agent and videographer, Allie McCarthy, and then once it was listed, marketed to every outlet possible online. Part of the marketing strategy was an extensive Facebook ad campaign that brought in new buyers.  In addition to that, the listing was pushed all over Instagram, the West and Main blog,  and had open houses all day Saturday and Sunday.

Video tour of 2626 W. 42nd Ave

By Monday morning (4 days after listing), we had 10, unbelievable offers to choose from.


There was quite a bit of negotiation back and forth to get to this price and while I'd like to share the details, I can't share all my secrets. In the end, the offer we went with was $85,000 over asking price, as is, and with a full appraisal gap guarantee. This came in handy because the house only appraised for $55,000 over asking price but thanks to this guarantee in the contract, Claire and Gene didn't lose a penny and walked away with way more than they ever expected to start the next chapter of their lives. And just as important to them, they got to choose the perfect buyer for their home. After closing the buyers and sellers spent two hours together at the house and now are life long friends. We'll call that a real estate victory.


If a house is priced decently in this market, it will sell. But if every single step is done with no corners cut, then the magic really happens and you get the dream scenario like this when you are selling. Now more than ever, it's crucial to have an experienced agent representing you who knows the ins-and-outs of the market.

If this is the type of experience you would like when you sell your home, let's talk!